Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Jane Duong

I have had the privilege of working with Paul Vallis as my realtor since 2010. Paul possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent real estate agent; he knows his market extremely well; he is diligent, responsive, and yet very patient with his clients. I am impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. On a personal level, Paul is one of those brokers with big heart. He takes pride in what he is doing and really cares about his clients. Over the past years, I have sold and bought a number of houses. There were many rough spots on the road to closing and in every instance Paul was a great help. He has shown superior effort in each phase of the sales such as innovative efforts in developing prospects, useful insights on pre-listing renovations/staging, effective showings and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiation/due diligence. He has accomplished all these tasks with an excellent degree of competence, integrity and grace. Thus, I would strongly recommend Paul Vallis to anyone with real estate needs, as well as seek his service in any of my future real estate transactions.

By: Walter Hoelzl

Thank you for the great job that you did selling my house. I am a senior citizen and I was worried that my house would be hard to sell. You made the process very easy for me and managed to sell it quickly for a very good price. I found you to be very knowledgeable and your calm and pleasant manor was reassuring to me and my wife. I have told all of my friends how happy we are with the service that you have provided and I highly recommend you to anyone wanting to buy or sell their home.

By: David Pal

I have used Paul Vallis to sell my Grandmother’s home. This was a slightly unusual sale in that my Aunt was living in the house while awaiting the completion of her condo. Along with my Aunts belongings we had all of my Grandmother’s things still in the house from a lifetime of living. Although the house was well maintained over the years, it was not staged and ready to be photographed. We wanted to sell it but, we were concerned about putting it on the MLS and having hundreds of people walking through. Of course we still wanted top dollar for the property. Paul advertised it internally through his brokerage. He advertised it on his Facebook page, Twitter and website as well as the Brokerage Facebook page and website. He managed all of the showings and made sure that my Aunt was kept informed and inconvenienced as little as possible. Although we did get a couple of good offers, Paul suggested that we hold out for our full price. Within 3 weeks, we got a firm offer at our full price with our preferred closing date. The process was simple and easy. Paul kept us informed and his quiet confidence was reassuring to the entire family. I would highly recommend Paul to sell any house in the GTA.

By: Andrew Merricks

Over the past several years I have used Paul Vallis as my Realtor. He has represented me for the sale of my personal home as well as several investment properties. I have found Paul to have a good understanding of market conditions and the Real Estate business in general. As a buyer representative he has provided me with market data and comparable sales necessary for me to make informed decisions. He has also provided me with negotiating strategies based on individual circumstances that have proven to be successful and cost effective. As a sales representative, Paul has given me insight into factors affecting the sale for a property during the design stages. I found him to have a good understanding of the market, allowing me to maximize my return on investment. His marketing strategy has proven to be effective and in one instance sold for a record price in the area. I would highly recommend Paul for any real estate transaction. He is honest, knowledgeable, hardworking and dedicated to his clients.