Thinking of Making a Move East?

Anxious about leaving your big city life? 

Moving east of the city doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your lifestyle. Engage in events and community activities without having to budget an extra hour for traffic. 

I’ve helped tons of people just like you relocate to counties between Peterborough and Northumberland and you know what they always tell me? 

“It was the best move I’ve ever made!”

Get an authentic insight into what you can expect from the market and your new community. Get started with an introductory video - and so you know I’m a real person.

Why buy east of Toronto?

Because you are going to love it! Plus, here's a cost comparison that will make you say "I DO" to heading east of the city.

I could tell you all the reasons why leaving the city behind will be the best decision you've ever made, but I'd rather show you. Ready to start imagining what life in the country could be like?