Why the Country is Cool Again

By: Paul Vallis

Why the Country is Cool Again

Tags: Country Living, Northumberland County, Moving East, More Space

While this is no surprise to me...some of us caught the bug earlier than others...life in the country is pretty cool.

And it’s a bug (in this case a virus) that has sparked an interest in many to leave the congestion of the city and seek a less hectic, more spacious life in the country.

Since being forced to live, work and play in our homes going on months now, cabin fever has fully set in and a 700 sq ft condo is feeling a tad bit claustrophobic. And, as
a recent article states, “we suddenly see our homes’ shortcomings, and crave more beautiful scenery and space to roam.”

And, if like many, we know we can now work from home, the need to be in the city is no longer a must. And combined with the higher cost of living, a move farther out has become quite attractive.

The statistics are starting to show this with the search for homes outside the GTA on the rise - up 56% in Peterborough and Lindsay over the same time last year. It’s a trend that’s not just happening here.
Large cities across the globe are seeing moves to rural areas on the rise.

And it’s not just baby boomers at or near retirement that are making moves to the country. Millennials are also seeking less densely populated areas with more space to work remotely and raise a family.

Not everyone wants to permanently cut ties with the city however. Some may be looking for a second home that gives them more space now and can be used as a weekend or summer getaway once things get back to ‘normal’.

One of the benefits of Northumberland County and the Peterborough region is its proximity to Toronto. It’s an ideal location to experience the openness and more relaxed pace of the country, while still being only a few hours from the city.

So, if you’re considering a move to find more space and fewer crowds, consider a move east. Contact me to learn more about country living east of Toronto and how I can help make this your best move...ever.