Going for a Drive in the Country...Every Day

By: Paul Vallis

Going for a Drive in the Country...Every Day


Country Living, Northumberland County, Trent River, Moving East

Growing up in Ontario back in the 60s and 70s, a favourite Sunday pastime for my parents was to go for a drive in the country. In fact, this was a favourite pastime for many families when the cars were bigger, the roads were less busy and getting out of the city was a lot easier. Back then, the “country” wasn’t that far away.

There was something magical about those drives.  Blue skies and trees as far as the eye could see,  cattle grazing in the open fields. Putting your hand out the window to feel the air.  Then finding a nice shady spot to stop for a picnic.

I bet you can feel yourself relax just thinking about it.

Imagine if every day was like a drive in the country. It can be. It is for me.

I left the city two years ago and moved to Northumberland County, a few hours east of Toronto. Everytime I get in the car to see a client, show a house, visit friends or run an errand, it’s a drive in the country. Any stress I may have had at that moment, starts to quickly fall away as I drive. The polar opposite of any drive I ever take in the city!

In minutes I can be at the calming shores of the Trent River or driving over rolling hills next to green pastures. I’m back to being a kid on a drive in the country without a care in the world.

It’s only one of the many advantages and perks of living in the country. The grass really is greener.

Curious about what country life might be like for you? Give me a call and I can help you make this your best move...ever.