Cobourg - Small Town Living on the Waterfront

By: Paul Vallis

Cobourg - Small Town Living on the Waterfront

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If you’ve ever dreamed of living by the water in a vibrant but cozy small tow, Cobourg might be just the destination for you.

About halfway between Toronto and Kingston, Cobourg sits on the north shore of Lake Ontario in Northumberland County. And not just any shore. We’re talking about a prime waterfront location. They don’t call Cobourg the “gem of Lake Ontario” for nothing!

With a population of just under 20,000, Cobourg has a rich heritage with beautiful and historic architecture, great shopping and dining options, along with entertainment, arts and culture.

You’ll never be bored with
plenty to do and experience throughout the year, including the Cobourg Waterfront Festival, heritage walks, campgrounds, nature trails and more.

And if you think innovation only happens in the big city, think again. If you are looking to semi-retire or retire to the country but don’t intend to really stop working, Cobourg might be just the place for you.
Home of Venture13 - a centre for entrepreneurship and innovation - this state-of-the-art 30,000 square foot location provides co-working spaces and shared meeting rooms.

And if water is your thing - seriously, how can it not be? - Cobourg has a gorgeous marina, a beautiful white sandy beach and a boardwalk that connects the two.

From craft beer to farmer’s markets to bird watching, if you’re looking for a break from a hectic big city life but are not yet ready to go full hermit, Cobourg is the perfect place to ease into retirement.

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