About Paul Vallis

Not sure how to choose the right Realtor to represent you?

Well, at least get one that makes it a fun experience.

The buying and selling process can be so stuffy.

Take the frustration out of the process by working with a Realtor who knows what you’re going through because he’s done it not just for his clients, but for himself.

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you ask an “expert” a question, and they somehow respond without giving you an answer?

Honest communication is the first thing you want with your Real Estate agent.

Dodge the red flags of your buying or selling journey with a Realtor who knows your county (or new community!) like their home – because it is. Not only have I relocated myself from Toronto to east of the city, working with Real Estate has always been part of my life, even before I became a Realtor.

From buying and selling 20 of my own properties to working in construction, get the answers you need to make an informed decision. Not just from a Realtor, but from someone who understands how the industry works.

Thinking that moving east of the city could be the answer to living that stress-free lifestyle you’ve always wanted?

Let’s chat to see if Paul and the Zolo Team can help make your next move, Your Best Move…Ever!